A brief History of how two magazines came together

DoubleTake was founded in 1995, and exness went on a publishing hiatus in 2003. The print magazine has been an outlet for such fiction writers as William Maxwell, Bobbie Ann Mason, Michael Cunningham, Tobias Wolff, Joyce Carol Oates, and Charles Baxter; for such poets as Donald Hall, Rita Dove, Edward Hirsch, and Philip Levine; and for the essays and reporting of such writers and social researchers as Bill McKibben, Susan Faludi, James Alan McPherson, and John Berger. The images of esteemed photographers, of both long-ago and today-W. Eugene Smith, Mary Ellen Mark, Gary Winogrand, Wendy Ewald, and Mary Berridge, to name a few-have meanwhile also drawn the eyes and minds of our audience exness trade to ordinary and extraordinary people and places.

Points of Entry: Cross-Currents in Storytelling was founded in 2003 and has worked to encourage narrative writing in journalism, using storytelling to approach human subjects as the complex beings that they are. The print journal published the work of Pulitzer prize-winning journalists, individuals striving to use narrative in their work, and an eclectic range of voices that contributed to a better understanding of narrative. Points of Entry presented work ranging, including the “theology of journalism,” travel narrative in post-war Rwanda, essays on racism, story collecting for community theater, narrative's healing exness trading power and trends in narrative writing.

The union of DoubleTake and Points of Entry is a redoubling of each magazine's mission to render not only contemporary life within the liberal arts—connecting lived life to art, literature, for instance—but to foster palpable connections to community. In this effort, we are eager to continue to offer space to the talents of those with names known and yet unknown. DoubleTake / Points of Entry is committed to providing room for emerging writers and photographers. (Home...)

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