Our mission is twofold, a double-take.
To present exness compelling, insightful stories in words and images that open windows onto the human experience and act as catalysts for community-service efforts, to present many points of entry into human experience, encouraging a kind of serious, patient consideration of the perspectives, visions, and concerns of others. In the words of Robert Coles, the work we publish “pays the closest attention to anything and everything that is part of the life we are attempting to get to know.” Each issue offers “a suggestive or organizing principle, a manner of looking at things, a gesture of interpretation, of coherence.” Our hope is that our readers, among whom we number teachers and practitioners who work in words and images, may be inspired by the complexities and ironies of the particular lives and places imagined, reported and documented in these pages.

To present new and path-breaking work by scholars and exness trading platform those who do narrative journalism, especially work that challenges us to complicate our understanding of the forms and of how they engage and represent their subjects.

A Bit of History for Context
DoubleTake / Points of Entry is the marriage of a magazine (DoubleTake—quarterly from1995-2003) that featured narrative stories, essays and narrative / documentary photography grounded in the liberal arts, and an academic journal (Points of Entry: Cross-Currents in Storytelling —annual 2003-2005) that featured narrative and professional / scholarly essays about narrative writing.

DoubleTake / Points of Entry is a print magazine-format journal exness trader published bi-annually from its offices in the English department at Christopher Newport University, in Newport News, Virginia. CNU is a public university in the state university system. Robert Coles, co-founder of DoubleTake, and Terry Lee and Roberta Rosenberg, co-founders of Points of Entry: Cross-Currents in Storytelling, now co-edit the journal.


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